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Frequently Asked Question

What is the coverage of FX Twitter Intelligence Awards?

FXTIA is an international business award.

How business awards can impact my business?

Being an award-winner can boost the chances of customers buying your products, especially if you're a challenger brand. In other words, your company has an expansion mindset, with business ambitions bigger than its conventional resources

When is the award ceremony?

Usually at the end of every year FXTIA organizes a gala night, but due to the pandemic in 2021 gala night and ceremony will be organized online.

When will the nomination start?

Due to the high combination in the financial industry specially in FX markets business award and nomination process is permanent. However award nominations are unique and can be delivered for only one company per year. The company can apply for nominations which are available for that period.

Who can nominate for the FX Twitter Intelligence Awards?

For FX business awards can register the following type of companies:
* Banks
* Forex brokers
* FX B2B service providers
* Blockchain companies

What is the FX Twitter Intelligence Awards?

FX Twitter Intelligence Award or FXTIA is a business award for foreign exchange industry. Any company which is a participant of the FX industry can be nominated at FXTIA, from banks to small Forex brokers.

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